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A haven, a home, a heritage . . .at risk.
Down Mexico Way . . . NEXT IN Deminsion Series
A Marine, a mother, a soldier, a pilot . . . are they too late.

America’s Future ~ Global Agenda

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America’s Future ~ Global Agenda

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After Afghanistan, Emily will always see the real world as fantasy - a female soldier’s tour in combat.
Choose the direction . . . follow the star . . . the enemy is not far behind. On the way back home, there isn't a road to get there.
Sally Ann Jones lost her husband in Afghanistan. It destroyed her. But now with her son the same threat comes to Dallas.
The elites return with their agenda . . .
When Commander Fletcher awakes, he has no need for dog tags . . . who is in charge?

Then come back for Red Dirt Road.

Meet Amy Mansfield and Jim Barnett ~ Red Dirt Road

A home . . . a haven. . . a heritage . . . can it be saved?

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