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Red Dirt Road



by julianna

RED DIRT ROAD . . . the novel




   When the conversation turns to Jim Barnett selling his cattle to save his ranch, Amy realizes that she probably accepted this new job by mistake.

As Jennifer, the loan officer states, “You’ve sold more and more cattle to meet this foreclosure. We can’t stop gravity.”

Amy didn’t like the woman. But when Jennifer mentioned that Mr. Barnett was an ‘old friend,’ her words brought bizarre images that rose in Amy’s mind. It alerted Amy’s second-sight. Jennifer’s claim revealed a spectrum of odd visions. Amy saw that Jennifer Neal would require other services from this new boss. Amy frowned at why she would think of such bizarre, wild sexual poses, images that Amy had never even imagined existed until this display danced across her mind’s screen—distorted images that couldn’t be real. Amy frowned.

Did something about Miss Neal trigger this?

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